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Templating Checklist

What we need from you?

A 5 step visual checklist on what we need you to do before our arrival to ensure your templating goes smoothly.

Please see FAQ's at the end.

1- All gas, electric and water supplies need to be disconnected.

2- All your existing worktops need to be completely removed.

3- All units must be fixed, secured and level to the walls.

4-All undermounted sinks are to be set into a cradle - all other sinks must be on site for measuring.

5- All electrical applicances, such as extractors, hobs, taps or pop up plugs must be on site for measuring.

After templating?

If you have a particularly distinct pattern or colour on your chosen material, we often reccommend coming to see your templates on your slab of stone. This should be booked in for the morning after your templating. This is a great opportunity to discuss where you would like your templates positioned on the stone to contribute to the design of your worktops.


Q: What if am I not ready for templating?

A: We completely understand that you may experience delays with your project. We ask that you let us know as soon as possible so that we can re-arrange your dates. We need at least 24 hours notice. If we have not been informed and we arrive on site there will be an additional fee added to your final invoice.

Q: How long will templating take?

A: Templating takes roughly 2 hours. This can differ depending on the size and design of your kitchen worktops.

Q: What if my measurements alter slightly from my estimate?

A: When we get the physical templates back at Duke Stone, we measure them exactly. If there is any additional material or features or less material compared to your estimate, we will take off/add on to your final invoice after installation.

Q : How long between templating and fitting?

A: This is usually a week turnaround. If there are elements such as a recessed panel, this will take longer to manufacture.

We will call you the day before your installation to advise you of a morning or afternoon slot. Precise times are difficult due to the nature of this work.


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