From choice to fulfillment - the worktop process


For most of us ordering a granite worktop is a once in a lifetime experience. Below we outline the steps in making that dream come true.

Choosing your worktop


Once you've chosen your new kitchen you will want a statement worktop to complete it.


Many people at this stage are uncertain of the exact material they want. Other people start by choosing their worktop and then select a kitchen and flooring to compliment their chosen stone.


Granite and man made quartz surfaces are hard wearing and durable and can withstand heat and heavy use. Slate is also heat resistant but scratches easily and "weathers" with use, giving it an attractive "lived in" look. Marble and limestone are more porous and can stain making them more suitable for lower traffic areas like bathrooms and fire surrounds. Limestone often contains fossils and other natural variation.


There is an extensive choice of material, colour and finish available for your worktop. Have a look around our site for ideas or visit our workshops for inspiration or call us to discuss your ideas. Our friendly and knowledgable staff will spend whatever time you need, over however long a period you need, to hone your material choice down.

Preparing your estimate


The next step is to discuss and suggest features you might want in your kitchen - sink and hob cut-outs, drainage grooves and splashbacks  as well as your choice of edges. Once we have agreed your requirements, we will provide you with a free, written, no-obligation estimate. For many kitchens we can do this from a sketched or printed plan. For more complex projects, we will be happy to arrange a site visit. 


We can base your estimate on a number of alternative materials at different costs for you to choose from. We can also provide you with samples so you can look at the material in different lights in your own home. 

Your order


Once a quote has been agreed this becomes a firm order and we normally ask for a 50% deposit at this stage to secure your chosen materials. At this point we may also agree a tentative installation date with you - though we understand that as a worktop is usually the last item to be fitted delays elsewhere in your kitchen construction may mean you need to move that date.


Once your kitchen is installed, our fitter will visit your site to "template" the kitchen. This is the process of measuring the exact the dimensions of your new worktop, particularly the cutouts required for sinks, hobs, sinks and taps. We ask that your sink and hob are in their final position when we visit and can explain to you and your builder how this can be done. The time taken to template depends upon the complexity of your kitchen but will typically take a few hours.



Hand crafting your worktop


With your templates made, the creation of your worktop in our Workshop can begin. If you have ordered your material from our existing stock then you will have already chosen your slabs and we will begin the process of cutting, hand polishing and finishing your worktop. 


If you have chosen to order in a specific material we will contact you when it arrives. As stone is a natural material and each slab is subtly individual, we recommend you come to the workshop to see your slab before we cut it - once a slab is cut there is no going back! If you can't visit we can of course provide a small sample for you to inspect and  we can send you an image.


If your chosen material is granite with a distinct flow or crystal pattern, you are most elcome to visit before we cut your stone to help us position your templates to best visual advantage on your stone.

Installing your new worktop


Once your worktop is completed, we will confirm the installation date with you and schedule our fitters to visit you for installation. On average it takes half a day to fit your worktops and splashbacks and to leave your kitchen in a clean and ready for your plumber and electrician to connect sinks, taps and hobs.

You can then get on with the important business of enjoying your new kitchen!

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