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Quartz Worktops

What is Quartz?

Quartz is a man made product, combining natural quartz stone with resin to produce a durable composite.

Why Quartz?

  • As it is man-made, quartz is more uniform in colour and patterning.

  • A huge variety of colours and patterns to compliment plenty of kitchen designs.

  • More eco-friendly - with brands bringing out more sustainable ways to produce quartz, this can be and important factor to consider when choosing your worktops.


There are various finishes to a quartz worktops including: Polished, Suede and Honed.

How is Quartz with staining and heat?

Staining? Quartz worktops are non porous, therefore are stain resistant. However, we would reccommend cleaning a stain as soon as possible to ensure it doesn't have a last effect on your surface. We would reccomend a CIF product.

In terms of heat? Sudden changes in temperature can affect it, in the same way it would affect other stone materials. Therefore, to avoid damage we highly recommended to use trivets.

Where to start looking?

Here are various brands that supply Quartz: all have differerent catalogues of colours and patterns to help you find the perfect quartz for you. Start browsing and building ideas today!


Cosentino Silestone

A sink to match your worktop?

Stone World London

Make an appointment to go and see the range of quartz in person!

CRL Quartz

Classic Quartz

Horizon Stone

Fugen Stone

What's Next?

Once you have found a couple of quartz you like the look of, what's next?

It's time to send your choice to us at Duke Stone, along with your kitchen worktop plans so we can provide you with an estimate.

For more on how we work go to : Our Process

For further kitchen inspiration to see what these quartz would look like in a kitchen, browse our kitchen gallery.


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