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From Water Tank To Kitchen Worktops

Our recent sustainable up cycle project - A Victorian Delabole slate water tank transformed into beautiful kitchen worktops.

A local developer, Martin White, renovated a Victorian manor house and surrounding derelict outbuildings on The Lizard Peninsular.

In the manor house, a 200 year old substantial Delabole slate water tank discovered in the loft. This was carefully removed and taken to Duke Stone of Cornwall.

Delabole slate is quarried locally in North Cornwall from the largest and oldest working slate quarry in England. This particular slate is renowned world wide for its durability for its aesthetic appeal.

We restored and repurposed this slate by designing, manufacturing and transforming the tank into beautiful kitchen worktops.

The showstopper island, which was once the bottom of the water tank, is a spectacular 10 centimeters thick, showcasing the pearlescent grain which runs through the Delabole Slate.

The stunning kitchen worktops are a talking point amongst each new guest that checks in at this Air B & B. The Air B & B is called The First Lady of The Lizard as the owners learnt that this building once housed the most southerly church in mainland Britain.


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